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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Similar Naymz, you must be LinkedIn or Wikied

Living in the southeastern U.S. with Jim Hunt as my name, I am surprised by the number of people that ask, "Are you THE Jim Hunt?" or they inquire if I am related to Jim Hunt. These questions were posed to me again this past weekend while traveling on business. I suppose the answer to both questions could be yes. In all likelihood the Jim Hunt they are referring to is James B. (Jim) Hunt, Jr. who served two terms as Governor of North Carolina. Lucky for all the rest of us Jim Hunts, former Governor Hunt is still very much respected and revered in the southern states.

While I may naturally think the name connection is to the former Governor of North Carolina, I could be overlooking Jim Hunt, the cartoonist, Jim Hunt, the Australian musician, Jim Hunt, the former British Racing Champion, or Jim Hunt, the retired NFL player. The list goes on even to include a Jim Hunt playing for Grimsby Town Football Club in Britain.

Well if you want to clear all the Jim Hunt confusion up, Wikipedia suggests the process of disambiguation, which does not sound like much fun. I choose to check out our same Naymz and then discovered who I was LinkedIn to.

I suppose through the six degrees of separation, many of us Jim Hunts may indeed be connected or linked to one another. I am not THE Jim Hunt, but one of the disambiguated Jim Hunts; we are indeed linked with a common but fine name. You know I have always thought about being an artistic race car driver and a rock musician, when in fact Jim Hunt is all that and more.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

This is a really cute blurb. I looked for myself, Peggy Hunt, and found a well-known (by everyone but me, evidently) women's clothing designer, a softball player, a real estate agent in North Carolina, and ME! There are, of course, fewer than 6 degrees of separation between you, Jim Hunt, and me, Peggy Hunt. :D